»RAUCH« is a sonic interpretation of the work of photographer Friederike von Rauch, composed collaboratively by Berlin-based producers Felix K, Marcel Dettmann, Sa Pa and Simon Hoffmann. Arranged and mixed by Marcel Dettmann. The recording stands in dialogue with von Rauch’s architectural images of post-World European monasteries, including La Tourette by Le Corbusier near Lyon, Roosenberg Abbey near Ghent and Maria Regina Martyrum in Berlin.The images were first exhibited together with the music on the LP as part of an installation for von Rauch’s solo show »insgeheim« (“in secret”), held at the Goethe-Institut Paris during the international Paris Photo art fair in November 2017. While the complimentary relationship between the sounds of »RAUCH« and the images exhibited in Paris invites interpretation, both can also be experienced as separate artistic entities. On the 42-minute-long LP, drones, modulating harmonic soundscapes and implied rhythms maintain an abstract emotional core while occasionally taking on vaporous, amorphous qualities. Similarly, von Rauch’s images – often borderline abstract in composition – resist being identified by location or spatial context. Nevertheless, they also hint at their spiritual origin. »RAUCH« is part of an ongoing artistic collaboration between Marcel Dettmann and Friederike von Rauch, which includes 2011’s Ash installation and three photographic works for Dettmann releases on Ostgut Ton.

»ROOSENBERG« is an archival Pigment Print
Edition of 50 (+ 4 AP) — 28 × 28cm Print on 30×30 cm Fine Art Paper, 2017

»RAUCH« Felix K, Marcel Dettmann, Sa Pa & Simon Hoffmann
Marcel Dettmann presents RAUCH — 180 gram vinyl LP — a-ton lp04
includes embossed sleeve, 4c inner sleeve with artwork by Friederike von Rauch and download code

Price : 400 Euro + VAT + shipping
for the limited edition »ROOSENBERG« including the record »RAUCH«
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